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Structured Cabling

 Structured Cabling provides a project managed and quality assured cabling solution that uses only the highest performance systems, and is designed to grow with your business

What are 'The standards' ? There are three main cabling standards:

EIA/TIA 568A - This is the American standard and was the first to be published (1991).
ISO/IEC 11801 - The International standard for structured cabling systems.
EIA/TIA568B - The European cabling standard (the British version is BS EN 50173).

The reason for having a 'Standard' is to define a method of connecting all types of vendors voice and data equipment, over a cabling system that uses a common media, common connectors and a common topology. This means that a building can be cabled for all its communications needs without the planner or architect ever having to know what type of equipment will be used. (all our work is 568B)

Now for the good news, the standards are mostly concerned with the performance criteria of the components of a cabling system, and, as that is guaranteed by the manufacturers of the different cabling components, you don't have to worry about it. Great eh!

If you are a growing business that needs to upgrade your existing cabling infrastructure then you could benefit from Structured Cabling (Cat5e / Cat6 cat6a). It is ideal if you need to add more equipment to your network and increase the numbers of users on your network. You could also benefit if you are considering networking your voice and data equipment for the first time or if you are about to relocate offices.

A PLANNED SOLUTION Many businesses install cabling as and when it's required. This usually results in a haphazard, expensive and inflexible cabling systems. Structured Cabling provides a planned cabling infrastructure within your building -- from where the line comes from your telecom providers' network or private circuit connection terminates at your premises, up to your users' desktops. It can be used to interconnect anything within your building that communicates with the outside world or with other devices on your LAN.

A SOLUTION THAT GROWS WITH YOUR BUSINESS Structured Cabling supports all ISDN, computer and voice applications, and most video applications, in one system. A Structured Cabling solution can grow with your business and adapt to meet your future requirements. Sockets can be installed at as many points as you might need, giving you the freedom to move people and add new equipment whenever you want, with little disruption and without the need for specialist expertise or additional expense.

QUALITY ASSURED Structured Cabling is manufactured and installed to strict international performance standards, Your assurance that an investment in Structured Cabling today is one that will last well into the future.

NETWORK DESIGN From conception to installation we're with you all the way. We can assess your infrastructure and provide the right products and installation services to maximise the performance of your network and ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

Structured cabling is defined as the entire wiring system used to transmit data, video and voice information. From office to office or through an entire building, CommSys install everything from the cable itself to connectors, cabinets and patch panels. Why not contact CommSys for your next Cabling installation, our prices are very competitive.

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